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The cuisine of "Bairrada" is one of the most famous at the country with emphasis on the laurel and crispy suckling pig roasted in wood oven. But also the giblets, which collects in the drip tray of clay pig sauce, potatoes and offal. Still chanfana, whose flesh drowned in Bairrada wine, and its seasonings, go caçoila Molelos clay oven to bake bread.

Quinta do EncontroAs part of the Bairrada Wine Route, the Municipality of Aveiro has a bounty of the land which expresses itself in endless fields of vineyards. Reds of them are born of intense color, tannins and strong fruit aroma. Its regional caste-Baga, Castelao, Moreto Pinheira Ink and are bottled after an internship of 18 months. The white, golden color and citrus, fruity, dry and aromatic varieties from the Maria Gomes, Arinto, Bical, Cereal and Tail Sheep.

But there are still sparkling with freshness and natural acidity, made according to the method of natural fermentation and marketed not before 9 months after bottling under the name origin of Bairrada.

And finally the dessert with the sweet rice with lots of eggs and sprinkled with cinnamon in the region was used as a pretext of marriage and participation for the presentation of the groom who took him on trays, accompanied by her mother and friends of the house known families. While the cake or sweet folar Easter, snails (sweet egg) and the cheesecake and chips of Luso.

As the poet might say:

It is better to try it to judge it | But judge him who can not try it ...