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Holy Cross Bussaco Convent

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  • Convento Santa Cruz do Bussaco
  • Convento Santa Cruz do Bussaco
  • Convento Santa Cruz do Bussaco
  • Convento Santa Cruz do Bussaco


After selecting the place for the installation of the first Carmelite Desert in Portugal in a few bushes and some land in the hills they call the Luso Bussaco, thither went the first workers of the work. It was Brother Thomas S. Cyril, the first Vicar, Fr John the Baptist and the Virgin Alberto, architect.

Mata do BuçacoThey left Aveiro at 29th of June of 1628 and stayed at the Luso. The 25th of July , joined them three companions, Father Anthony of the Holy Spirit, Brother Benedict and Brother Martyrs Antonio das Chagas, an officer of masonry.
They cast the first stone of the monastery on August 7, 1628 and February 28, 1629 loved the SS in the house the bookstore, which made temporary church and then on March 19, 1630 began the regular life of the community. However, the solemn consecration of the convent and the first mass would only take place in May 3, 1639 and the Desert took the name of the Convent of Santa Cruz Bussaco.

Of simple construction and poor, the monastery was an expression of religious austerity of the Order, bet on things of the spirit and the salvation of the soul rather than the illusory wealth of material in the world.
Access area reserved for those seeking prayer and penance, it was these monks of the 105 hectares Carmelo wall of his devotion to build chapels and shrines, preserving the rich native flora species and add it brought from all parts of the world translated into large variety of exotic species that make today's botanical park Buçaco a reference only.
On September 21, 1810, during the third French invasion, the British general Wellington stayed in the convent, as well as all his staff that occupied almost all the monks' cells.

In 1834, with the extinction of the religious orders, the Convent and all existing assets, was incorporated in national assets. It was June 16 of that year that the authorities of the then municipality of Vacariça Bussaco attended the making of the self apreeensão before the last Prior, Friar Antonio de Santa Luzia, giving all the existing heritage value of 8000 $ 00 reis.