Grande Hotel de Luso | Wellness Resort | Coimbra - Portugal


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An adequate response is intended to reward or motivate your employees, streamline meetings or professional events. We offer a wide range of solutions, which can range from adventure activities and active tourism (4 bike, hiking, etc.) to indoor activities such as table football or table tennis.

Grande Hotel deLusoSome of the activities proposed can be adapted in order to meet the needs of the company and help achieve the objectives of a meeting. Convey key ideas, promote the exchange of experiences, improve business efficiency and create a spirit of common body - in a playful way.

The privileged location allows also other interesting activities such as tasting of wines and sparkling wines in the cellars of the neighborhood, the unique experience of participating in a vintage or unusual mountain biking in the Vineyard.

The proximity of the Bucaco National Forest offers endless possibilities with the exuberant nature, history and culture as a backdrop.