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Portugal for the Little Ones

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  • Portugal dos Pequenitos (Coimbra)
  • Portugal dos Pequenitos (Coimbra)
  • Portugal dos Pequenitos (Coimbra)


Located in Coimbra, Portugal is the Little since June 8, 1940, the date of its inauguration, a park, recreational and educational basically intended for children.

Sharing with the Grande Hotel de Luso's genius Bissaya Barreto responsibility for the project architect Cassiano Branco, and contemporary because both were inaugurated in 1940. They share the fact that both integrate the assets of the Foundation Bissaya Barreto who is also an essential reference in the Central Region and Country

A living portrait of the Portuguese and the Portuguese presence in the world, the Little Portugal is still a historical reference and teaching of many generations.
Besides being an approximation space of intersection between cultures and peoples, the Little Portugal is also a qualified show of sculptural and architectural art, and the miniature detail, still fascinate children, youth and adults.
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