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Situated on the western slope of the Sierra Buçaco in the complex of the Baths of Luso, health is a right which is still recovering and carefully, drop by drop or at rest, always following strictly custom formulas.

Termas Luso - BuveteThe first reference to the effects of medicinal waters of Luso was in 1726, by Dr. Francisco Fonseca Henriques, who discovered a spring of water here. The story goes that after almost 50 years the waters of the Luso were used to cure an illness of Queen Maria I.

In the nineteenth century the complex was built for future baths which would be controlled by the Society for the Improvement of bath of Luso.

The indications and the different techniques and applications are both excellent for helping to control the symptoms of various diseases and at the same time a great tonic to combat stress and rejuvenates the body and mind.

In essence all these services is Água de Luso. In 1903 Sir Charles Lepierre analyzed and calling it "very pure water ..."