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  • Casino do Luso
  • Casino do Luso
  • Quinta do Encontro
  • Quinta do Encontro
  • Underground Museum
  • Underground Museum


Complementary to the hotel grounds, we suggest a few spaces available in the region with whom we have partnerships in the realization of events:

Casino do Luso
Excellent conditions for the special occasions of gala dinners and / or animation.
Casino SAL, a building of 1886 depicts the "Belle Epoque" lived in Portugal, presents us with a magnificent concert hall, which includes the painting of the ceiling dating from 1910, from the renowned painter Gabriel Constant, where a rich library can be found or ordered any of the works available as well as magazines and newspapers and Showrooms. In all the space available is the Casino Center Museulógico Society Água de Luso, where visitors may see parts of milestones Company.

Quinta do EncontroQuinta do Encontro
 In S. Lourenço do Bairro, in Anadia, the "Quinta do Encontro" distinguished by different perspective to see the wines of the Bairrada region.

Inserted in a serene landscape dominated by vineyards and against a backdrop of the Mountains of Caramulo and Buçaco, innovative winery design, inspired by the forms linked to the production of wine, allows visitors to establish direct contact with the various phases of the production process, from the vineyard to the test. Indulge in the modern regional cuisine in a minimalist atmosphere and inspiring, surrounded by vineyards.

Caves Aliança – Undergound Museum
The Alliance Underground Museum is an exhibition space, which develops along the traditional wine cellars of the Alliance of Portugal.

Contemplating seven distinct collections, this museum versa equipment areas such as archeology, ethnography, mineralogy, paleontology, and ceramic tiles, covering an impressive length of time millions of years. Entered in the grand universe of the Berardo Collection, these collections result of constant care of the collector Berardo in immunizing pieces and works of art, from multiple sources and species, with meaning sometimes historical, sometimes sentimental.