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As far as we know, the birth certificate of the Luso is dated 1064, collected an inventory of towns and places of Vouga and Mondego, Vacariça belongings of the monastery, where it refers, among others, the "town of Luso, who fuite Abba Noguram cum su word ecclesia Sancti Thomas, "but Mount Buzaca nests where it is already referenced in 919. From Buzzaco, Buzaca Buzacco or the first post is found in the place of a donation made by Gondelim Gundezindo and other Lorvão the monastery in the year 919, which says that ualles their cum ... discurrunt mount Buzaca (Portugalie historical monument, vol 1, p.14).

In the original parish Vacariça Luso turns off in 1834 when the execution of the charters of the Third, and remained independent until the present day.
Land of water, forest, pasture and corn fields, was from the mid eighteenth century that the virtues of the precious liquid being born of an eye with plenty of hot water were advertised. Then as now, below the current source S. John breaks the hot spring at a temperature of 28 degrees. In 1837, alluded to in the local five wooden barracks, that the Board of Mealhada replaced by a brick house, the following year.
The excellence of water purity, mineralization, radioactivity, the therapeutic properties covering a range of applications in bulk renal treatments, rheumatism, hypertension, respiratory or stress in the city, channeled to the Luso large number of bathers, a phenomenon that triggered an accelerated growth of the small village, which was not unrelated to the action of a journalist, minister and counselor, Emidio Navarro people and channeling resources to local development. It has a bust erected on the avenue its name since 1917.
In the fountain of St. John, or eleven taps, there is a chapel dedicated to St. John Evangelista dated century. XVIII with a small statue of the saint, in wood, the type and the current century.