High quality competition equipment in accordance with UEFA rules and regulations, the Training Center/Stages of Luso-Mealhada is a construction work done from scratch to serve the Euro 2004.

It was considered Official Training Center and was used by the national team of Switzerland during the race, with the team and technical staff staying at the Grande Hotel de Luso.

Located in central Portugal, on the slopes of the Serra do Buçaco, the whole area is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation where stands the Buçaco National Forest, the most diversified arboreal park in Europe.


Consisting of two magnificent fields of natural grass and tartan track, supported by modern changing rooms, press and meeting room, bar and fitness room, auditorium for 90 people, with Internet access and wireless.


5 minutes from the Grande Hotel de Luso offers all services necessary to stay high competition teams of various types of sport, from football, hockey, passing through Basketball or Handball, Tennis, Athletics, Golf between many others.

A few minutes away there are various sports facilities such as gym/sports pavilions, tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pools, golf, a high-performance center, equestrian centers, walking trails, etc.


In particular:

– 1 field of natural grass with 105 m x 68 m and 1 mini field of natural grass with 52 m x 52 m
– Auditorium | bar | bodybuilding | meeting rooms
– Covered bench for 300 people and outdoor bench for 800 people
– 400 m perimeter tartan track, 6 running tracks, 8 running tracks in 100 m, 2 box of jumps and equipment for all disciplines, with video-finish


In the region there are several equipment, multi-purpose pavilions, tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pools, golf courses, racetracks, a high-performance center, walking trails, etc. within a few minutes of the hotel that allow to complement the program of training or simply the practice of other sporting activities.

The Grande Hotel de Luso has established partnerships with several of the entities that manage these spaces. For more information please contact the commercial department.



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