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  • Grande Hotel de Luso - construção
  • Grande Hotel de Luso - construção
  • Grande Hotel de Luso - construção
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  • Grande Hotel de Luso - Piscina Olimpica
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  • Grande Hotel de Luso - Pormenor hall
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"The thermal town of Luso is one of the greatest riches with which nature has endowed our country. " These are the words, written by Colonel J. Correa dos Santos, who open the introduction he wrote at a book published at the time of inauguration of the Grande Hotel de Luso in 1940.
Later makes reference to the fair and deserved initiative of the Society for Luso Water to build the hotel saying "... the new hotel recently opened, the pool, the series of projected works running, have operated in the transformation of Luso, ago required ... ". Inaugurated on the 27th July of 1940, the renovation project was born at the time Professor Fernando Bissaya Barreto (1886-1974) was President of the Company Luso Water, which has been involved for over forty years.

Vista do LagoIn the years 1929 and 1930 by providing their medical services and then permanently connected to the company as President.

In 1937, it was proposed at a Meeting to build a hotel and a swimming pool "(...) these last two years, deserve the utmost care to the Administration to study the construction of a hotel for the advancement of the Thermal Spa Luso.

The project then called the Grand Hotel Termas de Luso was designed by Cassiano Branco Viriato (1897 - 1970) which is considered by many the most powerful personality and inventiveness of modernism but also versatile of modern language and style which is a good example the "Portugal dos Pequenitos" (Coimbra) sharing with the hotel the genius of the architects' vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Bissaya Barreto.

Over the more than 70 years of history knew the hotel following the new trends and customer requirements and it should record in particular, some moments in the already long life of the hotel. The hotel's construction, the completion of the project's auditorium, conference rooms, indoor pool and tunnel access to Therms of Luso, the reclassification of the hotel to four stars and, at present, the implementation of the renovation project recently completed.

This project was designed by the Atelier Reimão Pinto had as a starting point to create a new image for the Grande Hotel de Luso respecting the identity and the architectural space of the original building. Enhancing modernist elements, using art-deco appointments and valuing the uniqueness of its architecture, it created a new soul to this emblematic hotel. The biggest challenge was getting both a mark of originality and modernity while keeping alive the memory of the hotel with the aim of providing an experience of welfare to those who visit. The nobility of the wood, the simplicity of the lines and containment of decorative elements characterize the space, warm colors and strong guarantee comfort in a quiet environment of elegance. "